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Paediatric Potentials is Brisbane’s trusted provider of Paediatric OT. We believe that each child's learning profile is unique - every child thinks, behaves and performs differently.

We acknowledge that development and skill acquisition are not always a linear process and may require more focused attention. This is achieved through the use of wide range of evidence-based Occupational Therapy interventions and parent coaching frameworks. Your child's potential is ultimately unlocked by relating their learning goals back to something that is of value to them. They then feel motivated to achieve their goals and continue to grow.

A provider of Paediatric Occupational Therapy services under Early Intervention funding (Better Start and Helping Children with Autism), Medicare (Enhanced Primary Care Plan and Better Access to Mental Health Plan), private health and NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). All families with concerns about their child’s development are able to access our services without a referral from their Doctor or Paediatrician. Our practice is fast-paced and friendly.

✔️ Registered NDIS provider

✔️ Medicare Processing on-site

✔️ Parking on-site

✔️ School/Kindy/Day-Care visits available

✔️ Home visits available

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Recent changes benefiting our families

Telehealth measure to improve access to psychological services for rural and remote patients

A significant change to the Better Access to Mental Health (BAMH) scheme to rural and remote clients was implemented in 1 November 2018. Previously, Occupational Therapy could be provided to clients in rural and remote areas (Modified Monash Model Areas 4-7), however only 7 of the 10 sessions could be provided by teleconference and 1 of the first 4 sessions had to be a face-to-face consultation. This presented a significant financial burden to families and disruption to a child’s day-to-day activities due to the additional travel costs.

From 1 November 2018, Medicare has removed the requirement for the face-to-face consultation during the first 4 sessions and now allows all 10 sessions to be provided via videoconference. This represents a significant improvement for clients and families both from a time-saving perspective and financially.

Families can check their location classification using the doctorconnect website.

For further information about accessing Occupational Therapy via telehealth (videoconference), please contact our office on (07) 3186 1390. The Department of Health also has provided a more detailed summary of the changes at the following:

Australian Government | Department of Health | Better Access Telehealth initiative for rural and remote patients

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Latest News

  • We are proud to offer ‘no-gap’ therapy services as a registered NDIS Provider (additional charge for travel for children under 7 years old)

  • Paediatric Potentials has been approved as an Early Intervention Service Provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Transition Program.