occupational therapy

What is Occupational Therapy and how can it benefit my child?

Occupations are key to living a life of meaning and providing an individual with a sense of purpose. There is, however, a misconception of an individual’s occupations, whereby an individual is defined by the job they work. If this were the case, how do our children find meaning in their life despite not going to work?

Sensory Series #1 - Movement Seeker


Children who seek movement need more sensory input in their day to make sense of the information around them. 

(1) Incorporating movement into activities (e.g. Jumping on the trampoline whilst spelling sight words or playing hopscotch whilst completing simple number recognition)
(2) Placing toys in difficult to reach places to promote climbing and crawling
(3) Encouraging your child to engage in a physical activity before starting a thinking task (e.g. Crab walks or planks)